FC Kahuna - Hayling

FC Kahuna (or FC/Kahuna) is the name of a DJ and electronic music production duo consisting of Jon Nowell and Daniel Ormondroyd. They are also known as "Jon and Dan Kahuna."
Pioneers of the big beat sound, Dan and Jon Kahuna first came to prominence in the 1990s Dan contributing DJ skills and Jon being better known for his promotion of their infamous club "the big kahuna burger" which played host to amongst others the Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim. The pair worked mainly behind the scenes, contributing to a wide variety of other albums, before finally releasing their own, Machine Says Yes, in 2002.
Machine Says Yes had a number of singles released from it, most notably "Machine Says Yes" and "Hayling", which both featured Icelandic singer Hafdis Huld on vocals.
Their song "Hayling" is featured on the soundtracks for the films Confidence and Layer Cake and the TV series Fastlane, CSI: Miami and Nip/Tuck. Hayling was also soundtrack for the episode Eddie Loves Baseball of the TV series “Keen Eddie"- Video Games which also feature input from the duo include Need For Speed Underground and Crackdown.
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