Um outro olhar

Via Marcos Marado @Friendfeed, cheguei a quatro artigos interessantes sobre os problemas da industria musical, mas que me parece poderem estender-se a toda a industria de entretenimento, com as devidas adaptações às particularidades de cada sector.

Talvez o grande mal deles não seja a pirataria (que não deixa de ser um mal por isso), mas sim eles próprios. Citando Ian Rogers:

Again, there are only two players in the music business that matter at the end of the day: the artists and the fans. The rest of us either add value or get in the way. Don’t get me wrong, over the years labels have added a tremendous amount of value through financing, A&R, marketing, promotion, etc. I’m just saying that every player needs to either understand how it truly adds value or it needs to get out of the way, Topspin included. Our business does not operate on lock-in, ownership of copywritten work, or long-term contracts. We either add value today with a compelling service or we die. And I’m perfectly happy with that.


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