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Love is... Flying into your arms, por Jorge de Sousa

Jamison Young - How Far
Música disponível sob uma licença cc-by 2.5.

Up and down the same old hill
On the train the train the same old crew
And ill be looking for a change
In the office same young lady gives a smile
And its off into a daze
And ill been lookin for a change

How far how far how far
Can this dreamin go

I keep on wondering
What that smile means
Is it a safety zone
Or a way of seeing through
At the station
I only have loose change
Ill be waiting for greener times
A way out of this

The open road
Then the risin
All alone its good to be on this trip
The sand is joined to the sky it can't brake away

Ten thousand tracks
All divided in ten
Everywhere a junction
Everything everywhere

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