As confissões de um fã de GNU/Linux

O autor do blog Think Thick, um fã fervoroso de GNU/Linux, escreveu um post, em forma de confissão, sobre as 10 coisas que convém saber antes de mudar para GNU/Linux. Enquanto algumas poderão ser apenas o ponto de vista do autor, outras são verdade em todos os aspectos. Veja-se esta:
7. Most mainstream software manufacturers forget about Linux.
You will not find Photoshop for Linux, you will not find Microsoft Office for Linux, you will not find iTunes for Linux. This is especially true for the gaming industry, which has completely overpassed Linux. This is a blessing in disguise however. Once again, Linux developers/knights in shining armor have developed native programs, most of them open source and free (as in beer and free as in speech), to substitute their commercial cousins. Once again, some are better, some offer the same functionalities, and others are just mediocre. Luckily, we also have Wine, and its commercial cousins, Cedega and Crossover Office, which offer a port to a lot of Windows programs. This solution, however, will require in most instances, some work (read command line) from the user.

Confessions of a Linux Fan: 10 Things You Might Want To Know Before Switching Over To Linux
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