What is Free Software and how to make money with it

About 14 months ago, I got tired of Windows XP and decided to change my operating system. Despite all the cautions I had and all the security applications - firewall, antivirus, antispyware -, I ended up with malware infections; and when it wasn't malware problems, it was an enormous decrease in performance.
Because I had mentioned Ubuntu a couple of times in Webtuga and knew that the portuguese community around this distribution was big, I kept a Windows/Ubuntu dual-boot. Two weeks after this, I removed the Windows partition.
As I became more familiar with GNU/Linux and free operating systems in general, I became aware of the Open Source movement. Later, I became aware of the Free Software movement.
Due to my lack of skills to code being as big as my lack of skills to draw, and because I feel I need to give something back to the community that created the software I'm using today, I decided to write a small essay about Free Software and ways of making money from it. The text is simple, short and for non-tech people.
The original text is available in portuguese, under the GNU Free Documentation License. The english version is also available under this license and it was reviewed by Karl Berry (thank you, Karl). Both versions are available in ODF and PDF and I don't guarantee I'll made the available in any other format.

Download the english version (PDF version)
Download the portuguese version (PDF version)

This is my first and probably last post in English. Enjoy it while it lasts. :)
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